Xsite PRO


With Xsite PRO you can also benefit from additional features, like up to two GNSS
antennas, which determine the position of the excavator via satellite. Thanks to the fast
processor, the measured values are processed in real-time and are displayed on the 8.4“
graphic display immediately. The option of defining multiple profiles for different work
assignments and having them ready at any time saves time, fuel and material and at the
same time increases the efficiency of your machine.
Always be flexible for challenging work with our modular software. Cost-efficient upgrades
can be obtained at any time, offering new functionalities. After starting off with a 2D system you can always upgrade to a 3D system, which allows you to easily input digital terrain
models with multiple levels, if required. Thereby you can work accurately and implement
the specifications without corrective re-work. If required, the wireless data transfer also
allows processing of the data from the office, be it for purposes of further development,
documentation or support. Thanks to the support of tilt rotators, you can utilise the excavator optimally