Xsite EASY


The 2D system Xsite EASY measures depth, elevation and inclination of the scoop and shows the scoop position graphically and numerically on the display. The upper carriage sensor thereby guarantees correct measurements for every excavator position, whether on a slope or on level ground. An optional LED display additionally shows at a glance whether the target level has already been achieved, or whether further excavation is required. The-reby you always maintain an overview of the exact work progress and you can accurately implement specifications.Thanks to the option of using a rotational laser in combination with the scoop as a level reference, the operator can easily perform level control from the driver cabin. This saves time and increases safety. Even for aggravated visual conditions, like working in the dark or under water, Xsite EASY allows you to maintain the correct perspective. The system is ideally suited for foundation construction, excavation or embankment construction, or for levelling or under water excavation.