Tamtron Power Dumper Truck Scale

Easy-to-use scale weighs the material accurately

The dumper truck scale weighs materials in the loading phase and facilitates accurate monitoring and traceability of material flows.

Regardless of what machine is used for loading material, the easy-to-use Power Dumper Truck Scale weighs the material in the loading phase. This makes work faster and saves fuel, as there is no need to drive the vehicle onto a bridge scale.

Accurate information regarding transported quantities, loading times and destinations facilitates easy monitoring of material flows, operational transparency and optimisation of both the logistics chain and the overall process. Designed for demanding conditions, the user-friendly Power Dumper Truck Scale can be installed onto all dumper truck models.

The scale has two different weighing modes:

The easy-to-use storage weighing mode enables monitoring the amounts of moved materials while separating different material types or storage locations, whereas the quick basic weighing mode comes in handy when there is no need to separate materials or other information.

  • Accurate weighing results, error margin less than 2%
  • Two weighing modes for different applications
  • Weighing information can be transferred to a cloud service or, via integration, to an ERP or other system

Weighing Information Management

Weighing information collected in the memory of the Tamtron Power dumper truck scale can be printed with each weighing or transferred to be utilised for business activities via USB, a cloud service or integration directly to an ERP or other system. Optimised loads and information regarding transferred amounts, materials and schedules make business more efficient and bring transparency to the processes, giving tools for optimal profit-making. With the information, operations can be optimised to be as fluent and efficient as possible and reporting between co-operation partners becomes easier.