Series 2TH

Product Overview

The system continually measures the angle of the boom together with the length of the extension of the telescopic section, ensuring height limits are not exceeded.
Set up is simple and quick and can be protected by use of the key switch.

How the Series 2TH Works

Height limits can be either keyed-in manually or set automatically by positioning the machine equipment at the required height. Operation is simple and easy via push button controls. Override mode can be selected via the key switch when height limits are not required. Previous settings are retained when the system is disengaged or poweroff is selected.


  • Additional sensors can be fitted to monitor the position of forks or attachments.
  • Travel inhibit can be installed to prevent movement of the machine when boom extension is not fully retracted.
  • External beacon


The display shows the current configuration of the machine, including:

  • Current status
  • Current set height limit (in metres)
  • Approach to height limit (graphical)
  • Current boom extension (in metres)
  • Maximum extension limit (in metres)