Series 2HS

Height and slew monitoring for excavators

The Series 2HS is an intelligent height and slew monitoring system, designed to maximise safety and productivity in confined areas.

The system is a practical and effective way of monitoring and controlling the working height and rotation of machinery to ensure safe operation on site. It enables machine the operator or site manager to set safe working limits for heavy machinery, ensuring site hazards or risks are avoided.

The Series 2HS is fully approved by Network Rail as a low performance movement limiting device (MLD), and the Series 2HS+ is certified as a high performance MLD.

How does it work?

The Series 2HS combines an easy-to-use interface with high accuracy sensors and GKD’s proven safety software.

The system notifies the machine operator when the machine is approaching and breaching a set limit. An external audio alarm is activated when reaching the limit. An optional intelligent motion-cut prevents limitation infringements and allows only safe movement.

Suitable for use on tracked or wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and other articulated boom machines.

Suitable for high or low performance operations

If you are undertaking Adjacent Line Open (ALO) or Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) operations and need to control height and slew, then the Series 2HS is an ideal system for you.

The Series 2HS has achieved Network Rail approval as a low performance movement limiting device, which means it can be used over 3000mm from the rail running edge.

The Series 2HS+ is approved as a high performance movement limiting device, which means it can be used up to 300mm from the rail running edge.

The 2HS+ also has additional safety features, such as a remote hydraulic shut off and a steering lock.

Key features

The Series 2HS has numerous features that make it the best-in-class height and slew limiting system. These include:

  • Parallel or multipoint virtual walls
  • Dig mode and dig depth indication
  • Fully integrated realtime data logging
  • Full colour graphical touch screen display
  • Advanced integrated diagnostics
  • Dial in or manually set height and slew limits