iDig 3D

iDig, Grade Control System for Everyone

Enter a new era and increase the performance of your excavator

Why choose the iDig 3D system?

The new iDig 3D is a simple and user-friendly tool that is designed with the operator in mind!

Since 2007, iDig has been improving the daily lives of thousands of excavator operators on all continents. With the iDig 3D, upload your project to the iDig control box in your cab or create small projects with your GNSS on a rod or with your bucket and let it guide you from your cab.

Why 3D ?
The 3D guidance system allows you to have your site project with all its dimensions in your cabin. Using the GNSS installed on your excavator

you will see the dimension to be reached at the tip of your bucket.

Control box

A new powerful (Dual Core) and robust control box, equipped with a patented software designed with excavator drivers for  easy and intuitive use.

LED Bar graph

A real assistant in your cab. It is placed in the same field of vision as your bucket. Thanks to its green, orange and red LED display, it guides you with accuracy and in real time.


First 3D system with Bluetooth 5 sensors, without cables. They are recharged with solar energy. New generation that communicates 100 information per second.

GNSS Spotman

With only a few hours of training, you have a tool that allows you to survey, control and measure all your points (stakes, curbs, sidewalks, trees …).
You can also delimit your surfaces.
Receive all satellite signals: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS.
Even with a rod that is not straight, the tilt function corrects your mistakes.