Electronic Mirror system

Product Overview

The IVIN250D is a 12.3” electronic rearview mirror. It integrates the functions of vehicle DVR and a monitor. It supports a larger viewing angle, higher night vision sensitivity, and is easier

to adapt to complex weather conditions, which means broader and clearer side vision and more professional in safeguarding driving safety than the traditional rear-view mirrors.


Two-in-one that combines in-vehicle DVR and monitor:

It can record and replay driving videos. With built-in G-sensor, support G-sensor alarm recording triggered by collision detection. All these functions can help you free from recording triggered by collision detection. All these functions can help you free from

1080P HD video: Support 2-channel camera input, provide split-view image.

3s output speed: Quick turn-on, start displaying images and recording videos within 3 seconds after powered.

IPS screen: High contrast, high brightness. It could restore the true color, presenting the brighter and  more delicate display with much higher resolution.

Replacement for Traditional Rearview Mirror: Having solved the problems of poor visibility at night, susceptible to rainy, snowy, and foggy  weather and having strong reflection, etc. on traditional rear-view mirrors.

Data security: ACC time-lapse recording and super capacitor power-down protection to prevent the loss of  video data.

Blind Spot Monitoring

  • The IVIN250D system supports two 1080P camera inputs and displays the two camera inputs simultaneously in a vertically split way. With this view, the driver can see the side view more  clearly. The cameras provide the driver with a wider viewing angle, tackling the problem of  the traditional rearview mirror having too many blind spots. This is indeed an initiative to  improve driving safety, especially on a long trip.

Bootup and Recording Time

The IVIN250D system starts up fast and displays images and recording within 3 seconds of bootup