Ai based mDvr Camera system

Product Overview

The IVIN702 is a smart forklift monitoring and safety system. It is powered by the latest AI technology. We have built our algorithm for the detection of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles in the surroundings. The system can detect left, right and rear blind spots at the same time. It accurately recognises and outlines on the screen pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and animals that appear within the camera viewing areas. It's an integrated system with 4-channel quad view display, digital video recording and active detection alert features.


1. Precise and active detection powered by AI technology.

2. HD image display during the day and night to detect the pedestrians and vehicles.

3. Danger zone configurable, set the suitable blind spot warning zone for your vehicle to improve safety.

4. Automatically switch to full screen rear view when reversing & equipped with external flashing warning for pedestrian.

5. Customisable algorithm and configuration for different application:

• 2 channel blind spot detection for side view or 4 channel BSD for around view.

• Simultaneous AI detection can be set to 2 channel (left & right) or 3 channel (left, right & rear)

• OSD menu and voice alert available in multiple languages and can be customised.

• Comes with 7" Monitor w/button model. An optional 10.1" touch screen model is also available.

Rearview Detection & Warning

The IVIN702 system supports one camera for rearview monitoring. With this view, the driver can see the rear of the forklift clearly. The camera provides the driver with a wider viewing

angle, tackling the problem of the traditional rearview mirror offering minimum visibility. Soon a pedestrian is detected within the safety zone, the warning system becomes active. A light is

illuminated, and a buzzer is sounded to alert the driver and the pedestrian. This indeed helps to improve driving safety.


  • The IVIN207 provides an OSD setup to adjust the AI algorithm to your needs.
  • Detect Pedestrian & Cyclist only
  • Dectect Vehicle only
  • Detect vehicles & pedestrians together

The display shows the current configuration of the machine, including:

  • Current status
  • Current set height limit (in metres)
  • Approach to height limit (graphical)
  • Current boom extension (in metres)
  • Maximum extension limit (in metres)